To build a better future

The Thomas Foundation for Building Projects was established in1992. It collects money in the Netherlands to build schools and boarding accommodation in the south of India for underprivileged children who go to the schools / boardings from our counterpart the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph in Chennai (former Madras) India.The foundation has already spent over 3 million euros on more than 90 building projects such as wells, toilet buildings, schools and boarding accommodation.  A second goal of the foundation is to give the Dutch population more insight into development issues.

Map with locations all projects completed  and overview of projects completed until 2017 


Volunteers only

In the Netherlands the Thomas Foundation for Building Projects works solely with volunteers. Organization costs do not exceed 5 % of money received. Thomas Foundation for Building Projects does not strive for financial reserves but spends as much as possible on the building projects in India. There is a small fund however to cover the cost of maintenance of the buildings constructed by the foundation. 

Please read about us on Kennisbank Filantropie and CBF (Central Bureau on Fundraising) also.