03-12-15 Zwaarste overstroming sinds 100 jaar


.... You have probably seen the damage caused by the floods in Chennai. We were without electricity ,Telephone ,internet Connection. Thank you very much for all that you do for us. We got the internet Connection only today, so I am able to send this mail to you.

Chennai has undergone one of the worst tragedies in decades,  in the form of floods which has  destroyed homes of many people, both rich and poor. Ours is the only Hospital working in our area. Miot hospital which is very close to our hospital was flooded with water and many patients died there. Most other hospitals in the area were also not able to take in patients and care for those already there. Military Hospital is also sending patients to our Hospital for investigations and treatment.

The whole Defence colony behind our Hospital , Nandambakkam and also many slums around our Hospital are affected very badly. The damage is tremendous. We are supporting them by giving shelter in our Schools, Hospital ,multipurpose Hall and  Churches.  We are also providing basic needs like food, water, clothing ,toiletries ,medical treatment etc. Many people are also supporting by giving  food ,clothes and even providing  accommodation to the affected people in their own houses. However, distribution is not equitable and while some of them are not getting even getting food and water, some are getting in excess . Some of them are not reaching the interior places. Relief goods are not distributed properly to all the places. The damaged places are so many,  that some people were starving nearly 3 to 4 days even without water during the time of floods and stranded in open terraces............




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