Organisation Thomas Foundation for Building Projects:

I   The board

1. Jac Braat, chairman
2. Wilma Martens, secretary
3. Tom Odijk, treasurer
4. Siet Egas, member
5. Leo Verhagen, member

Ambassador: Hans Schiebroek

II  Advisory council

1. Antoinette Gelton-Schiebroek
2. Cor Schiebroek
3. Tjerk Wagenaar, chairman
4. Michel van der Linden
5. Joop de Wit
6. Job van Manen

III  Projectteam
1. Anne Reijenga, projectleader
2. Pieter Keeris, advisor

The board is the legitimate decision-making and managing body of the Thomas Foundation for Building Projects. The projectteam fulfils an indispensable function in realising the goals of the foundation. Members of the projectteam are appointed by the board.

Twice a year the foundation consults with the advisory council regarding management, state of affairs and planned activities. One of these two meetings is together with our associates the Thomas Foundation for the Youth and the Thomas Foundation for Microcredits; we share the same advisory council. 

Download the Policy Document 2017-2021 , in Dutch with an English language document from the congregation.