Comprehensive (financial) statement

At least twice a year the Thomas Foundation for Building Projects reports to sponsors and those interested regarding finances and the progress on the buildings. The foundation also makes use (on a regular basis) of the so-called NCDO doubling-agreement (NCDO stands for National Committee for International Cooperation and Sustainable Development).

As of January 1st, 2008 the Thomas Foundation for Building Projects has been registered by the Dutch Tax Authorities as an organisation of common use. This means that donations to the foundation are tax deductible for income tax and free of federal income tax and gift tax. 

The Thomas Foundation for Building Projects’ financial statement is drawn up according to the new Regulation 650 for Fundraising Institutions, published by the Council for Annual Report Coverage.


Here you can download the following reports (in Dutch):

Jaarverslag 2016

Jaarverslag 2012 (complete annual report).

Jaarbericht 2011 (abbreviated annual report)

Jaarverslag 2011 (complete annual report).

Jaarbericht 2010 (abbreviated annual report)

Jaarverslag 2010 (complete annual report) and  accountantsverklaring (auditor report).

Jaarbericht 2009 (abbreviated annual report)

Jaarverslag 2009 (complete annual report) and  accountantsverklaring (auditor report).