Reliable cooperation

The Thomas Foundation for Building Projects works closely together with the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph in Chennai (former Madras), India. This congregation, 500 nuns divided over 90 monasteries, focuses mainly on the education of the most underprivileged children in the southern part of India and runs 43 schools (over 40.000 children). The congregation establishes schools in areas where there is little or no chance of education and The Thomas Foundation for Building Projects helps them by offering technical support and building facilities. The buildings which need to be constructed or renovated will be decided in close consultation with the Franciscan Sisters of St. Joseph and recorded in a prioritylist. A project will only be taken into execution when we have received the necessary buildingpermits and the total amount required for the realisation of the project is registered in one of our bank accounts. In the Netherlands the Thomas Foundation for Building Projects works together with its associates: The Thomas Foundation for the Youth and the Thomas Foundation for Microcredits. Together we share the same advisory council.





Our experienced Dutch project leaders (who originally come from the construction industry) make the building plans in the Netherlands (free of charge). A renowned engineering office in India makes the foundation- and final drawings. We also have an Indian “buildingsister” as liaison and our supervisor is Sr. Asha (photo on the right) who has finished her education in Civil Engineering (3-year study). Twice a year a Dutch project leader from the Thomas Foundation for Building Projects travels to India to check the progress and quality of the projects. The execution of the work is done by local Indian contractors selected by the foundation and under guidance of supervisor Sr. Asha. All Indian contractors have to sign an agreement by which they declare that no labour activities will be done by children below the age of 14. A comprehensive report regarding the visits to India is published in our Annual Report and in the Newsletter.